Sunday, May 5, 2024

The Delightful Meals at Hotel Aryaduta Menteng

So these past few days, I was blessed with an opportunity to stay at Aryaduta Menteng. This is my second time to enjoy the wonderful times at this elegant five-star hotel. The first was last year, around June, for the event of GLN 2023. This time, I attended the Kurasi SIBI 2024 event.

Among others, I particularly enjoyed the delightful meals at Aryaduta. The flavors were perfectly suited to my taste. Kudos to the chefs :) 

First Day at Hotel Aryaduta Menteng

I arrived at around 12 in the afternoon of Thursday, 2nd of May. The lunch was already served. Just about time for my first gastronomical experience :) 

First lunch.

That was my first lunch. I had a small amount of rice, fried rice noodles with soy sauce, a fish-fried dish, chicken curry (I think), stewed veggies, pickles, and shrimp chips (kerupuk)

This is the only time I included rice in my meals at Aryaduta. I tried to reduce my carb intake. Since the side dishes have carb-based dishes among them, I prefer that to replace the rice.

I also prevent myself from taking sambal (hu hu huuu ...) not because it's not there or because I oppose sambals. I adore them! Note that I have never taken an insane amount of sambal with my meals. I usually take just enough to add warmth. But at this stay, I didn't take sambal only to protect my now sensitive stomach. Well, who wants to have stomach problems at a stay away from home, right? But oh my, that still made me feel old ... ha ha ha. 

First coffee break.

That was the first coffee break serving. I had some sweet bread pudding (I think), potato fritters (also not sure), and a fish ball?? with crunchy covers. Please forgive my limited knowledge of the names of fine dishes, ha ha ha.  

First dinner. Fried noodles with soy sauce and friends :)

This was my first dinner. You may see that I have taken quite a generous portion of fried noodles (that was some effort to reduce carb intake, eh? :'D), tofu with veggies, and some beef and chicken dishes. 

Sop kimlo and creme brulee.

These were also served at dinner time. These were sop kimlo and creme brulee. Yummy :)

Second Day at Hotel Aryaduta Menteng

First breakfast.

These are my menus for breakfast. Quite healthy, yes? Plenty of veggies, a modest amount of carbs, and just the right amount of protein. I had veggie salad, stewed veggies, sausages, chili fried fish, chicken with something, potato and beans.

Nutritious salad with a delightful dressing.

I think I missed taking pictures of my lunch and dinner on the second day :( I believe it was because I was overly focused on my curation.

Third Day at Hotel Aryaduta Menteng

The first session of my breakfast :)

This was my first session of breakfast. I had fried noodles, sausages, fish curry, and steamed veggies. I also had a portion of corn soup.

Second sessions of breakfast.

I love fish, so I took another bite of the fish but without the curry sauce, and an additional portion of omelet. 

Delicious chicken porridge.

This chicken porridge is delicious. The toppings were the usual, but I added plenty of fried anchovy (teri nasi). Too much, so the taste was a bit too salty. Other than that, all was perfect.

Once more I state that I cherished my time at Aryaduta, especially the meals. Truth be told, as someone who seldom travels and stays in hotels, my experience at this fine establishment was truly precious, warming both my heart and my stomach :)


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